Danz Kraze

Pom and Dance Studio - Eau Clare, WI

Ages 7-8 - Peewee

2018-2019 Class Schedule

Registration now open!
Classes begin September 10th!


Monday        6:45- 7:15 PM     Acro Dance, Primary - Level 2

Wednesday  5:45- 6:30 PM     Acro Dance, Primary - Level 2

Wednesday  6:30- 7:15 PM     Pom/Hip Hop

Thursday      5:00- 5:45 PM     Pom/Hip Hop

Peewee class monthly tuition is $40 for the first class and any additional classes are $30 per month. Peewee Classes are for dancers in Second and Third grade during the 2018-19 school year.

Class Attire

  • Pom/Hip Hop: Lavender leotard, matching skirt or black/gray spandex shorts or pants, and white ked-like shoes. Hair in a low bun or pony tail.
  • Acro Dance: Black leotard, black spandex shorts or pants, canvas half soles. Hair in a low bun.
  • Dancewear and Shoes can be purchased at the studio during our open house and throughout the season.