Pom and Dance Studio - Eau Claire, WI

Arrival and Departure

Per the Wisconsin state mandate everyone 5 years and older must wear a mask when indoor a public facility. Please make sure you and your dancer have your masks on when entering the building.

Our main office will be CLOSED. Dancers will enter the studio door directly from the main Banbury hallway. Please do not arrive to class more than five minutes early. This allows for students to exit before the next class arrives as well as allowing for proper cleaning time between classes. 

Parents may drop off their dancers and wait in the common Banbury space, in the car, or return 5 minutes prior to the end of class for pick up. We encourage parents of our younger dancers 3-4 to wait in the common Banbury are during class. 

For their safety, please explain to your younger dancer(s) to wait upstairs, near the studio doors until you arrive after class.