Danz Kraze

Pom and Dance Studio - Eau Clare, WI


"Being from Eau Claire I have always known about Danz Kraze, but we lived out of town and I knew if we ever moved back we would want to be a part of it! Well...that day finally came and we joined immediately! My girls have gained so much through Danz Kraze - confidence, skills, friends and so much more all while having a ton of fun! We've also gained another "family!" We are extremely grateful to the excellent coaches and our wonderful Danz Kraze "family!""                                                               -Jodie, Danz Kraze Parent


"The friends you make at Danz Kraze last a lifetime and the coaches are amazing role models. We learn how to have respect for others and how to be leaders. They teach you responsibility towards others and yourself. Danz Kraze has helped me be the person I am today, at dance and at home."                                                                                                            -Kenzi, 8th Grade Danzer

My daughter has been dancing at Danz Kraze for 6 years and it has been the best experience not just for her but for me as a parent. I am so amazed at the dedication and commitment the coaches have for their students. I enjoyed getting to the know the dance families and enjoyed watching these girls perform what they have worked so hard at. The passion these girls have for dance is absolutely amazing. I am proud to call myself a dance mom and proud that my daughter was a part of the amazing teams at Danz Kraze.

                                                                                                   - Melissa, Danz Kraze Parent


“Danz Kraze is a positive, motivating and fun environment for dancers of all levels.”

                                                                                                   - Brook, Danz Kraze Parent

"Danz Kraze has not only taught me how to dance, but how to be a responsible young adult, and to always have respect for anyone in my life whether it's a parent, a coach, or a teacher. My teammates at Danz Kraze are more than my best friends, they're my family. They're the people that I can always count on having my back and getting me through the ups and downs. I don't know what I would do with out them. Thank you.
                                                                                                     - Olivia, 8th Grade Danzer
"We've been a Danz Kraze family since 2004, when our oldest daughter was 4 years old. I watched her grow from a very shy, introverted little girl who couldn't take her eyes off the floor, to a talented and confident young lady who just made the Varsity Dance Team at North High School as an incoming freshman. She has learned so much from her DK coaches in the last 10 years--and more than just dance moves. The kids learn how to be part of a TEAM; they learn to depend on each other and support each other. Her very best friends are girls that she dances with at Danz Kraze. Our younger daughter has also flourished at Danz Kraze. She has learned how to focus and channel her energy. Both of my daughters take pride in their dance abilities, they LOVE going to class each week, and they look forward to the new challenges they get from being part of the Competition Teams. As a parent, I also appreciate Danz Kraze's commitment to providing the best opportunities for my kids while keeping costs reasonable. It is definitely the best value in the area! DK also focuses more on the overall, age-appropriate experience than having the most blinged-out costumes, expensive performance jewelry and hair, distracting stage backgrounds/props, and excessive make-up."          
                                                                           -Amy, Danz Kraze Parent
"Danz Kraze has done so much for both my girls!  They have gained so much confidence and made wonderful friendships.
The bond these teams have is amazing!  It makes me proud to see their accomplishments and watch them perform!
We love all our Danz Kraze coaches!  They are very professional and forward minded.  They are all very dedicated and always looking to the future!"
                                                                            - Carrie, Danz Kraze Parent

“We LOVE Danz Kraze… the teachers are friendly, helpful and encouraging. The dance style is both modern and challenging and will ultimately prepare my daughter to dance in high school! “

                                                                                                    - Melissa, Danz Kraze Parent